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 JoomSport Std
(WordPress sport plugin)
JoomSport Pro
(WordPress sport plugin)
(Joomla sport extension)
Front End design
All views and interfaces have professional mobile responsive web design
Ability to create Team or Single tournament with logo and description without logo
without logo
Ability to copy Season with all settings and participants added to roadmap
Matrix view for Season table added to Road map
Create hierarchical seasons
Display statistics of several seasons on one page
Set win/draw/lost points when played at home/away
Flexible order for columns in the Season table
Search option on Calendar layout
Use results from other season (via Groups)
Registration with "dates" and "number of participants" options ETA: 1st half of 2017
Season FE management by Season admin
Club Section
Ability to create club and assign teams to the club
Create teams with logo, city and description
FE management by team moderator
Ability to add players according to the Season
Ability to display only photo on Player tab
Team photo gallery
Knockout tree under Season table
Panel select of players taking part in match
Ability to add custom Match status
Flexible Timeline on Match page added to roadmap
Ability to comment matches via front end WP functionality WP functionality
Squad tab on Match layout
Round Robin Matchday
Double elimination Matchday added to roadmap
One elimination (Knockout) Matchday
Set of Knockout matches for the same participants
Flexible quick matchday creation
Friendly match
Ability to create friendly match
Team Membership on the Player profile page
Players photo gallery slider
Connect players with CMS users so they can edit their profile via FE added to roadmap
Flexible Player Career block on Player page added to roadmap
Player can join team ETA: first half of 2017
Display Player Nickname instead of real name
Auto-registration plugin added to roadmap
Add players position (e.g. Forward/Midfielder)
Create player or match event with image
Two player event types Average/Sum
Add groups for specific tournament
Game stages
Create and upload game stages
Ability to create venue with photo and description
Moderators can invite unregistered players ETA: first half of 2017
Moderators can invite players to participate in match ETA: first half of 2017
Extra fields
Create your own extra fields for teams, player,match, season,club,venue.
Five types of extra fields (Text, Radio Button, Text Area, Select Box, Link)
Add and change your language file to manage component labels
Apply date format
Choose your team color
Players and teams registration ability ETA: first half of 2017
E-sport configuration ETA: first half of 2017
Ability to allow Moderator to manage the players ETA: first half of 2017
Advanced ability to manage Administrator/Moderator rights ETA: first half of 2017
Ability to order players in team view by chosen default extra field
Ability to display Social buttons (Twitter/Facebook/Google plus) WP plugins WP plugins
Ability to edit Country name displayed on Player layout via extra field
User-friendly image management
Menu / Page layouts available for the site Front End
Team layout
Club Layout
Season Table Layout
Season Calendar Layout
Match Layout
Matchday Layout
Player layout
Season List Layout
Team list layout
Player list layout
Venue layout
PayPal add-on added to roadmap
Match Generator add-on added to roadmap
Scroll module for matches
Integration with Community Builder/JoomSocial - chosen versions
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