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For sport leagues and tournaments management.

JoomSport component - the sports extension to build your e Sport Web Site based on award winning Joomla! CMS platform. Sport Teams with description, history, statistic and photos, players with their profiles, photos and personal achievements, Games with Score and Match details, and finally all this put into well structured season or tournament - with its long list of features our JoomSport component becomes just indispensable part of any Joomla sport Web Site.

Try features enriched Professional version demo or simple Standard version demo site, download the free edition or buy JoomSport Pro in our web shop.

Enhanced with Joomla sport modules.

With addition to our Joomla Sports component we offer free sport modules which deliver even more features and usability for your Joomla sports Web Site.

As a complementary service we offer sport styled Joomla templates.

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News from our blog

New Great release

Hello! BearDev team has prepared 2 excellent news: 

1) Our main product - JoomSport Pro could be mobile friendly now! We received numerous requests for this functionality and viola! - we have finally implemented product responsive design! So now your Website visitors will enjoy ability to check latest sport results via their mobile phones as well.

Mobile friendly design could be implemented on your site with the help of responsive add-on that any JoomSport Pro customer can already buy in JoomSport WebShop and install on new, updated JoomSport Pro version.

As JoomSport Pro pages are responsive now, we have also upgraded popular JoomSport template - Kodiak. At present Kodiak is totally responsive Joomla 3 template for your website and 100% compatible with the latest JoomSport component. Precious views and layouts are available on mobile phones and tablets already.

Please feel free to check JoomSport Pro responsive design with Kodiak responsive Joomla! 3 template on your mobile devices right now.

2) New version of the JoomSport Pro component has been released!
New JoomSport Pro release, besides bug fixes, includes new long-expected considerable feature - ability to manage new type of competition, where multiple participants can take part in every Attempt

In new tournament type there are following main functions:

- Participants can have unlimited quantity of attempts with ability to specify the final stage.

- Players or Teams can compete according to highest or lowest results - as example by speed or by performance.

- Points can be awarded by place or by result. 

Developed functionality allows managing such Sports as Running, Swimming, Ski tournaments or even Fishing -please check the full list of sports.

As well new module for displaying Player's statistic has been developed. Now you can easily put all Player event stats on any module position on your website. In module settings there is ability to specify Player and Season and data will be displayed according to these parameters. Minimum settings - maximum information for your website visitors.

The new JoomSport Pro version is already available in your Member Area.