Joomla!® CMS sport extension

For sport leagues and tournaments management.

JoomSport component - the sports extension to build your e Sport Web Site based on award winning Joomla! CMS platform. Sport Teams with description, history, statistic and photos, players with their profiles, photos and personal achievements, Games with Score and Match details, and finally all this put into well structured season or tournament - with its long list of features our JoomSport component becomes just indispensable part of any Joomla sport Web Site.

Try features enriched Professional version demo or simple Standard version demo site, download the free edition or buy JoomSport Pro in our web shop.

Enhanced with Joomla sport modules.

With addition to our Joomla Sports component we offer free sport modules which deliver even more features and usability for your Joomla sports Web Site.

As a complementary service we offer sport styled Joomla templates.

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Joomsport Features New

JoomSport is a full-featured Joomla component with entire range of functions. A worthy choice for your Sport website. Useful and flexible features help to manage a lot of different kind of sport including eSport games. Layouts for Team and Player page separately as well as for Season table or Calendar generally make the component interface quite user friendly and intention-revealing at the same time. Have a look at the most important JoomSport features:

Responsive design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Robust structure

Tournament Season MatchDay Match

Are you operating several kind of Sport on one website? JoomSport is just what you need. Well-structured system allows to create different type of Tournament with chronologically organized Seasons that consist of one or several MatchDays with matches.

Tournament types

Single Team

Division of tournament types enable to manage Team and Single competition simultaneously. Player can participate in Team in one Season and play for himself in another and all the stats will be saved and displayed on his profile according to the Season.

MatchDay types

Group Knockout Double elimination

Ability to create different types of MatchDay in one Season allows to manage Group or Knockout competition as well as double elimination without losing the Stats for the whole Season that will be displayed in the Season table. Also there is ability to create Calendar layout with all Season matches regardless of the MatchDay type.

Season registration & Esport configuration

Customizable Esport configuration gives the ability to use JoomSport component for managing online competitions. Adjustable registration for seasons allows users not to miss the time to register for the coming competition.


Separate venue section with the address, geographical coordinates and uploading venue photos turn location into much more completed field. Venue field is also can be displayed on the Calendar or Match layout that is useful for sport fans or competition providers to recognize the location.

FE management

Comprehensive FE management module helps to keep your website updated: Depute rights to users/moderators and Season admin so they will be able to edit JoomSport pages without admin access. Wide range of options in configuration makes the FE management flexible and convenient.

Extra fields

Five different kinds of extra fields (Text Field, Radio Button, Text Area, Select Box, Link) for main JoomSport items is a good solution for adding easily any required information to Match/Team/Player or Season.

Compare JoomSport editions

Standard edition
(Joomla! 2.5, 3)
PRO edition
(for Joomla! 2.5)
PRO edition
(for Joomla! 3)
Front End design
All views and interfaces with professional web design
Responsive Front End views
(coming JoomSport release - 3.3.x)
Add tournament logo and description
Play mode (Team/Single)
Tournament layout
Group tournament type
Knockout tournament type
Race tournament type
(coming JoomSport release - 3.3.x)
Ability to copy Season with all settings and participants
Create season for specific tournament
Set win/draw/lost points when played at home/away
Add teams
Describe season rules
Registration with "dates" and "number of participants" options
Add season moderators
Front End tournament table settings
Color highlight for tournament table
Season history in player/team view
Ability to specify order for columns in the Season table
Ranking criteria “Win games” for the Season table
Scrolls for the Season table*new
Club Section
Ability to create Club and assign teams to the Club
Create teams with logo, city and description
Select team moderator
Ability to add players according to the Season
Choose your own team option
Team photo gallery
Team bonuses
Team list
Create Match Days for a specific tournament
Playoff option
Select teams and add matches with scores, date and time parameters
Panel select of players taking part in match
Ability to comment matches via front end
Double Elimination MatchDay
Today matches BE section
Friendly match
Ability to create friendly match
Player fields: first name, last name, nickname, country and description
Players photo gallery
Team Membership on the Player profile page
Players photo gallery slider
Connect players with Joomla users so they can edit their profile via FE
Players bonuses
Player list
Player list order in team view
Player can join team
Display Player Nickname instead of real name
Auto-registration plugin
Add players position (e.g. Forward/Midfielder)
Create game events
Two event types Average/Sum
Match and player event type
Add picture for each game event
Add groups for specific tournament
Create and upload game maps for on-line tournaments
"Display Matches with Venue only" option - Next matches module
Moderators can invite unregistered players
Moderators can invite players to participate in match
Ability to create venue with photo and description
Extra fields
Create your own extra fields for teams, players,matches.
Five types of extra fields (Text, Radio Button, Text Area, Select Box, Link)
Extra fields for (Player/Team/Match/Season/Club
Add and change your language file to manage component labels
Apply date format
Choose your team color
Players and teams registration ability
E-sport configuration
Ability to allow Moderator to manage the players
Advanced ability to manage Administrator/Moderator rights
Ability to order players in team view by chosen default extra field
Ability to specify the height of the team emblem in the table view
Ability to display Social buttons (Twitter/Facebook/Google plus)
Ability to edit Country name displayed on Player layout
Menu / Page layouts available for the site Front End
Team Layout
Club Layout
Club List Layout*new
Season Table Layout
Ability to Print Season Table Layout
Season Calendar Layout
Match Layout
Match Day Layout
Player Layout
Season List Layout
Team List Layout
Player List Layout
Player Registration Layout
Team Registration Layout
Venue Layout
Front End Management module
Compatibility with Joomla! 3.0
Price Free Paid. View pricing Paid. View pricing

Known to be used by our clients

Football (Soccer)
eSport games (CS, WoW)
Water polo
Lawn balls
American football

Could be supported potentially

Ice Racing
Track cycling
Rally cross
Motorcycle racing
Speed skiing
Formula racing
Road racing
Figure skating