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Matchday/database problem

Matchday/database problem

I'm running two websites using the same data (different databases in different Wordpress installations).

I set up one site then copied it to a new site and made relevant changes to the site. The data in Joomsport did not change.

When I enter scores, I enter the score in both databases to maintain two separate websites using the same data.

My problem is with one site. Some of the matches that were entered have disappeared.

When I tried to re-enter them or even add new games the system isn't working

In attachment JOOMSPORT1, you can see where I entered a new game but it does not show the teams.

In attachment JOOMSPORT2, I clicked on the details button and you can see neither Home nor Away teams are defined.

Attachment JOOMSPORT3 shows where I'm entering the new match.

JOOMSPORT4 shows what happens after I click to add the new match. No problem yet.

JOOMSPORT5 shows the matchday screen after I click to update the matchday after adding the game. The new game is not found.

The other site using the same data is correct and I have no problem adding new games.

Is there a way to copy the database tables of the site that is working and copy them to the site that isn't?

Both sites are the same version of JoomSport (version 3.2.1).

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Re: Matchday/database problem

The described case is really weird, it looks like you have done some actions with database.
Anyway such kind of questions are considered by the development team and that requires certain amount of time. Please, submit your request via HelpDesk: . In the ticket please specify the matches that were corrupted and when did you notice it also please provide us with admin, FTP and database access to problem website so the development team will be able to check the issue and find the appropriate solution. Your request will be processed within 1-3 business days. I'll keep you informed.

Kind Regards, Irene
   BearDev support team

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